söndag 21 mars 2010

Not what I expected

Yeah, so yesterday was the official first day of spring.

Today it´s snowing.

It should be expected, it can still snow for another 6-8 weeks but.. no.. don´t want more snow this winter. Or should I say spring..

The snow did however that two deer was munching on some sticks outside our window about half an hour ago, I like to have nature on the door step, thats quite a luxury in the year 2010 even in Sweden.

fredag 19 mars 2010

Patience (and nagging) pays off

We live in an apartment in a block with another 19 apartments and yes, most of the neighbours are nice but there are som really loud and destructive ones aswell.
I have complained.
Nothing has been done.
Boys afraid to go out, what if the teenagers are downstairs near the entrance?
Been stressfull to say the least, but Wednesday in school my mobile rang and yes!!, we are moving.
In May.
To an area full of old people lol.
Well, at least there should not be a lot of loud music and partying through the nights.
 I hope..

torsdag 11 mars 2010

Snow update

Coming to the end of the day of 11th of March and yes, we still have snow. A lot. Knee deep actually.

What I really would like to see now is some of this..

 And this..

Ah well, at least it´s spring in my heart ;)

not much for watching tv

There are however a few things I watch..
Greys Anatomy every Wednesday (episode yesterday; Izzie came back and Alex told her to leave)
Lets Dance, (Swedish version of Dancing with the Stars) on Fridays
and this coming Saturday I will be watching the Swedish final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

This young man is my favourite to win and represent us in Norway sometime at the end of May :)