fredag 18 juni 2010

Been a little bit creative

As I have at least 10 weeks off before uni starts I signed up for some swaps on swap bot. ATC's and Skinnys, that's my drug ;)

Have done quite a few but will only show the ones that I've sent.

For Black, Gray and White Skinny swap, this one went to Alphenstamp :)

 This is a re-send for the Butterfly Skinny swap. To
 the UK.

Show the rest when they have gone to their partners, feels good to create again, been through a dry spell for a while ;)

måndag 7 juni 2010

Back at last

House move done, still got a few too many boxes around for my liking but there's only so many hours in a day so they will have to stick around until I have the time to sort them.

Had a absolutely fab week at school last week. Crafting all week. Me like! :)

One of the artstudios where we had a couple of hours to play on Monday..

Some of the art we created, mine is the naked tree.

We played around with beads and stuff on Tuesday and Thursday to create our own piecs of jewellery.

Clay, we did our pieces in the beginning of May, and on a warm and sunny Wednesday we went to a truly beautiful spot near a small lake to burn the things raku style.
A hot metal barrow with a gas-burner. (Gas not petroleum)

After being burned it was put into a metal basin and we chucked saw dust all over it. Hot as you can see.

Hot and smoky. Things coming out of the sawdust to cool off.

Hot and sooty, when cooled we gave them a wash to bring out the colours.

Turned out something like this..

In between burning and cooling  we found the perfect place to sit and wait. Water was cold if anyone wonders :)

Our beadwork and our clay stuff displayed for all to see.

A fab week :)