torsdag 19 april 2012

You know when your to do-list is really really long..

Well mine is. And I have deadlines. For things that I need other people to do their share of before I can do my bit. Where are the thoose other people? I have no idea.

So instead I made swapcards. First ones I've ever made.

Slightly smaller than an ATC but I'm actually pleased with the result.

lördag 14 april 2012

A little thing called iphone..

Seriously, me of all people who has been quite.. opposed.. to all this newfangled stuff.
Have iphone.
Love it.
Addicted to wordfeud and draw something.
Easy access to facebook and twitter.

So glad summer is coming so I can be outside and leave iphone on kitchen table "by mistake".

lördag 20 augusti 2011

Things sent, received and rated..

Bookthong in a matchbox swap, did two strands on the bookthong

For the wonderful, brilliant and fun swap "Awful, terrible and crappy ATC's", sticker slappning, cheesy quotes and a horrible flower combo. 1 of 3 ATC's sent to the same swapper

ATC 2 of 3, Victoria Beckham on some horrible flimsy fabric, Lumpy glue and smeared glitter, staples, gold writing and some stickers to enhance the party theme..
It's easy to seize the day when you have a monkey and a flute. Oversized ribbon, horrible 3D-liner, left hand writing and a ripped effect. ATC 3 out of 3

Thankfully the receiver loved this awfulness :)

For a Tree ATC swap, made with watercolours and the word for tree in kanji

Blue skinny swap, watercolours. I love sending my mantra, it's always well received and appreciated. I guess more people than me need a reminder to stop and breathe and see whats around you..

ATC's sent as RAKs, watercolour

ATC's, watercolours. Sent as RAK's

Doodle ATC swap, can it get much doodlier? ;)
A WTA ATC, the winner loves rainbows and cupcakes and the WTA was in a handdrawn group

Bird inchies, I really need to start putting the cards straight in the scanner

Made with markers ATC's, a pear and a short love story. Because why not? :)
Origami ATC's, tried to keep them clean and naked. Not quite sure that they have a lot of penguins in Japan but the lady I sent to like penguins.

Pink, brown and black and/or white ATC's. I do prefer to handdraw my ATC's, not skilled enough to do James Dean as handsome so he's a cut out.    

My new header

Part of not blogging is because I've never felt "at home" here, I wanted a more personal design and as I have tried, with epic fail as a result, to make a header digitally I've just given up. Until tonight when I came up with the brilliant idea to actually draw a header on paper and scan it in. I scan ATC's and stuff before I put it on flickr so why not a header?

For me, I'm always far more happy with the scribbles and doodles than a finished product so that's how it's done. Me and a few of my favourite things.

And yes, I am the queen of f**king everything ;)

söndag 26 juni 2011

Those little frogs

As we didn't stay to watch people jump around like frogs on Friday I searched youtube for a video and found this. This is an attempt to break the world record for most people doing this song and dance. 2000 people around the pole jumping and wiggling their hands as ears and tails is really quite hilarious.. And weirdly enough it makes me proud to be Swedish :D

Hope you emjoy it :)

lördag 25 juni 2011

Sad excuse for midsummer celebration

So as in most Swedish towns there are proper celebrations of midsummer arranged. Usually with some local high flyer holding a speech that nobody listens to followed by finishing the maypole and getting it upright and sort of straight. Kind of the same problem that most of us have with our christmas trees, they always lean a bit don't they?

When the pole is in place the folk band and its dancers (average age 75) take over for a bit of a show and then the family dancing starts. That mean parents with kids age 1-5 jump around like frogs "with no ears or tails" (that's how the song goes) or dance around to childrens type summer songs. It kind of has to be seen to be appreciated. My sons have never danced around a maypole and for that I was quite grateful, I never saw the fun in it as a kid either..

When dancing has finished it's time to eat. People do that at home or at parties they have arranged. This is an outdoors kind of day but Mother Nature is usually a bit cranky so there is always a plan B. That involves moving the party indoors very fast.

On every decent midsummer table there should be new potatoes, herring, sour cream and chives. That is basic requirement. Salmon, meatballs, quiche, potatoe salad or types of bbq-food is also common. The drink is a vodka-type, drunk as shots. And for dessert strawberry cake with lots of whipped cream..

This year the arranged celebration was a huge disappointment, mainly because I wanted to take pictures to show you. My camera also decided that the batteries I had put in it was not good enough and kept turning of so these pictures are more of a I-snap-as-fast-as-I-can-and-wish-for-the-best kind of pictures..

The pole, and not a single flower on it!! There should be plenty to make it really nice and colourful..

Folk dancers in traditional outfits. Every region in Sweden has it's own outfit, sadly enough I'm to ignorant to know which one belong to my region. As a kid I knew most of the folk dances, my grandparents danced with me in their kitchen.

One of two kinds of salmon on my table..

Potatoe salad, I like the ones that are not so gooey with mayo and stuff

Chopped herring and boiled potatoes rolled with creme fraiche in a tortilla kind of bread. My kids love this!!

My plate, ham four types of fish, potatoes, sour cream and chives. Will be enjoying left overs for a few days

torsdag 9 juni 2011

Soon it will be raining

Why?, you might ask, well tomorrow most kids in Sweden start their summer holiday from school. And that tend to bring out the rainclouds. Mine finished today and now we have ten weeks of sun, laziness, sibling fights, temper tantrums, ice cream, bbq's, and so on.
I will be parted from them for 3½ weeks when they visit their dad and his side of the family. And the things that don't kill you will make you stronger (or so the saying goes) so I imagine that we will be super heroes by mid August..