fredag 29 oktober 2010

Still around

University has taken a lot of time lately, two exams coming up and then start of two new courses. I do like the fast pace I must admit.
So just a quickie post while I sit with my cup of chai tea having a morning break in studies. And of course sitting infront of the computer in my very own home allows me a more casual look..

 Lovely and warm :)

måndag 18 oktober 2010

I heart your blog - Angelbaby2

The last blog to make a post about is Adventures with the Nowling family .
A family blog, and they do seem like a nice and fun family.
Pictures of days out and stories from everyday life.
Sending a thought to one of the girls who has a broken arm, I hope it heals well and that she won't be in too much discomfort.

I heart your blog

I signed up for a blog swap on Swap-bot and was supposed to skip over to 7 blogs, take their blog button and feature in posts on my blog. 6 out of the 7 are done, #7 did not have a working clickable link on her profile.

 This was a great swap and so much harder to actually flake on then the ones that you claim to be a follower even though you really can't be bothered. I must confess that I do follow for a while but if the blog don't hold my interest I just quit following.

 Thanks to Jex for the brilliant idea, good to have a few more blogs to read now when it's cold and dark outside ;)

I heart your blog - Rock 'n Roll stops the traffic

Skipping over to Italy and a blogger named Lima now.

Her button doesn't work so I had to remove it, here´s a link to her blog.

Her blog is about crafts, baking and shopping and she takes photos of the things she writes about. I like that because I almost always forget to do that.

 Thoose italian meringue-type biscuits look well yummy

I heart your blog - Riechanster

Turning to Belgium now for the blog Riechanster, I have to ask what that means. All the blogs in this swap are by crafty women, at least them that I was paired up with, and this is no exception. Photos, cooking, shopping.. well basically real life the way I know it :D


I'm waiting for the promised post on easy japanese cooking :)

I heart your blog - butt naked woman

I tell you what, there's a lot of naked blogs out there but if you googled your way here in hope for some nudity then you will be dissappointed :D

Next up in the fab I heart your blog swap is Butt naked woman's little room of crafty wonders.

And there are some seriously cute little things on there.


 Go have a look :)

I heart your blog - betterthannaked

Next blog I visited for the I herat your blog swap was a scrummy vintage place called betterthannaked. And I could not agree more, vintage is better than naked. Vintage is better than a lot of things actually :) Nice pictures, features and flashbacks to when we (or at least I) was young with a big perm and even bigger sweatshirts. Thoose were the days..


Go check it out for yourselves, you'll be glad you did :)

söndag 17 oktober 2010

I heart you blog - Brooklynne

#2 out of 7 in the swap-bot swap features Brooklynne with the blog 

(hope there is a button there now)

An inspiring blog :) I like it a lot and I'm glad to follow her.

I heart your blog - estrones

I signed up for a swap om Swap-bot called I heart your blog, there´s suppose to be an actual heart there but blogger won't let me.
First stop is estrones blog a lady in Wales who has just joined the WI. I couldn't find a button on her side so will just leave that for now.

During my years in England WI always stood for blue-haired ladies making chutneys, jam and were fiercly competitive in pie baking contests at lokal markets :) Can't wait to hear estrones drama unfold, she's a good writer so I don't think I will be disappointed ;)

Nice and easy going blog.

fredag 15 oktober 2010

Well, I can't knit to save my life

That's why I entered this giveaway, look at that price! I just fell in love and up here in cold old Sweden that is exactly what I need :)

She has got a brilliant site with loads of goodies and inspiration :)

Some swaps

That I actually remembered to get the camera out for..

P is for Poirot, in the series of alphabet ATCs

  Skinnys being made, the daisy is being shown in a post further down, did it for the "Butterfly skinny" swap. The thistle was made for a "Letter T skinny" swap.

This is an ATC i made at the same time, this went to Portland where there was a big ATC-event in August. I sent 5 ATCs and this one went as a "hostess card". Features one of my favourite flowers the Linnaea borealis (latin name)

 "J is for Johnny Depp" in another alphabet swap and as my swap partner who received it said "J should always be for Johhny Depp". I couln't agree more ;)

 These two went to separate homes in one of the senders choice swaps in an ATC group. I really like playing around with water colour pencils

 "U is for umbrella" sent in the "U skinny" swap

 "A is for Art Deco", sent in an alphabet ATC swap. My youngest son calls it volley ball flowers ;)

 "V is for vampire" featuring our own Alexander Skarsgård who's a blood sucker in True Blood. for a "V skinny" swap

Better do some blogging..

With university and my two lovely boys taking up a lot of my time blogging has been put on hold. As has reading books just for fun, crocheting the wrist warmers I am in need of and generally just socialising with friends.
But as they say "that's life Jim, but not as we know it.."