fredag 31 juli 2009

Patiently waiting..

Early August is when intelligent and experienced postmen (and postwomen) take their holiday.

Why I hear you say, well let me tell you, early August is when the new IKEA catalogue comes out and all the mail-carrying poor souls have to deliver them to every houshold.
Not only is it heavy and backbreaking, but a lot of people, like myself, eagerly awaits that delivery and lurk just behind the door when they hear tired postal workers footsteps, ready to snatch the loveliness as soon as it peeps through the letterbox.

Common curtesy then is of course to open the door and blame the non-existent dog for post-delivery-persons sore and bleeding fingers due to mentioned snatching.
Or one can just tip toe away from the door and pretend not being at home.

Unfortunatly the delivery of the flat pack bible doesn´t happen on the same day in the whole country, oh no cause that would just be fair, so there is also a certain prestige to be the first blogger to write "I´VE GOT THE BRAND NEW IKEA-CATALOUGE TODAY" as a headline, and for the rest of us to pretend that we couldn´t care less..

But we are crying inside.

As August starts tomorrow I just thought I´d share that little bit of swedish tradition with you. Cause I´m kind like that ;D


(That´s the sound of displeasure according to many comic books)

Trying to pimp and update my blog and am a wee bit peeved that only blogs from blogger show up in the blogs-I-read-update-list-thingy..
It might be that I´m not doing it totally right so I will faff about with it a bit more.
In a bit.
Now tea..

Always time for tea

I love tea. I drink alot of tea, not so much in the summer as when it´s cold or chilly outside and the nights are dark, but a cup of tea is never wrong in my humble opinion.

I also like to take part in tea swaps on Swap-bot, it´s so great to get to try different teas from all over the world. But I do think I need a bigger tin for my teas, this one is not just shiny and reflectnig my oilcloth on kitchen table, but also full to the brim.
This my friends is swap-tea, received from many places in the world. And yes, I have used up quite a few bags aswell :D

Think it´s time to put the kettle on..

torsdag 30 juli 2009

Like christmas in July

Picked up the parcel containing my saturdaynight-shopping yesterday :)

It was just like christmas, loads of stuff that shines and stick and requieres holes and a big pile of (half price) scrap paper :) Unfortunately my mobile didn´t do the papers any justice so no pic but they are really gorgeous.

It´s almost like an act of crime to put scissors to them ;D

Fine flowery brads..

Christmas brads and angels. I love angels :)

Scrap set, not quite sure if it´s a bit too flowery for me..

Shiny shiny things. That usually get stuck on my nail or sleeve :P

But I am happy :)

Out with the plain..

and in with a new background..

Now I just have to find a way to do something with the header ;)

lördag 25 juli 2009

The dangers of a lonely saturday-night

With my boys on holiday in England with their dad and his family and my man working night I have been bored out of my head tonight. As we all know there is nothing on telly on a summernight so being stuck in front of the computer, I just could not help myself, I have ordered lots of scrappy crafty stuff on the net..

Mind you, there was a sale on so lots of stuff where half price. And I only *cross my heart* ordered stuff I will use. Nearly wrote need but I wont tell such an obvious lie ;)

And it still was cheaper than a girls night out :D

Doodle-ing away

Realised I could make atc´s from the doodles I "create" while on the phone. Anyone else doing art that way??

York - Yorkshire

On my most recent (last weekend) trip to England my sweet friends showed me York. Guess mostly because I´m swedish and York was once Jorvik and infested, sorry invaded by vikings.
I can now honestly say that I love York. All the history and impressions and the beauty of it really filled my soul. Sorry if I´m going a bit hippie-ish on you. Excuse photos, they are taken on mobile as camera decided to play dead that day :/

From York Designer outlet, apparantly I was not the first scandinavian in that building ;)

There had been some rain before we got there..

Restaurant that we found just after we´ve eaten somewhere else

Where many different kinds of people gone for shelter..

Old Merchant hall

Truly a lovely place and if you ever go you will fall in love just like I did.
But Chester is still my no 1 ;)

söndag 12 juli 2009

Tea wallets

Experimenting with fabrics from my stash to make the ultimate tea wallet.. So far this design is in the lead..

This is just too bulky but it´s small enough to fit in your back pocket..


What you see is perfection.
My boys made chocolate balls the other night during a thunderstorm and I just left them to it. Can it get any better than this? A size for everyone.. :)

lördag 11 juli 2009

Scottie dog atc swap

This is the atc i made for the Scottie dog atc swap on swap-bot, went to a good home in Missouri ;)

fredag 10 juli 2009

Personalise your wrappingpaper

My best friend and her family recently bought a house and of course we had to get them some goodiea as a housewarming gift. I put together a "Starters box for house owners", a bottle of nice wine, some utensils I knew they were going to buy, a receipe folder with a twist and some little bits for their kids.

I did not want to use boring old wrappingpaper so me and my boys made our own. A personal gift that was very appreciated :)

going japanese..

A recent atc swap opened my eyes for japanese art, sure I´ve seen it before but never paid much attention to it. I figured I´d give it a go since I prefer to do my atc´s in water colour.

A few brushstrokes and an origami site later I had a few atc´s I was very pleased with.

söndag 5 juli 2009

Nothing but paperwork

Having only the youngest son at home this morning there was a lot of talking about paper planes.
He wanted some.
So we have spent this morning in front of the computer on a origami site and we´ve been folding planes. And turtles.
Don´t really mind it to be honest, am in an atc swap, senders choice, and my swap partner likes things japanese and origami. Figure I might just give it a go :)

lördag 4 juli 2009

Mainly for Swap-bot

I already have a blog but in swedish and since I guess that most of you reading this here and now have another main language I´ll just be a sell out and write in english ;)

At the moment I´m not the most efficient blogger, real life is kind of a priority, but please have hope and patience, I will blog. Because I love it lol.

First entry almost done and now I´m going to pimp the layout a bit.