måndag 30 augusti 2010

my box full of memories

Both my maternal grandparents passed away when I was a teenager way too long ago. Apart from fond memories I have a treasure chest as a reminder, not only of them (my grandmother at least) but also of who I was when I was a child and teenager. I take it out sometimes, open it up and well, enjoy what's in it.

Yesterday I had it out..

Not the most beautiful of chests..

Peek inside..

Like an Aladdins cave of memories and custom jewelry

Pearls that need re-threading

Brooches, some wearable some just to look at

Cufflinks, that I used as a teen and clip on earrings

Rings more suited for kiddies fingers, long time since I wore them

Earrings from the 80's. I bought the big chunky "golden" one after watching "Desperatly Seeking Susan" at the cinema mid-eighties. Felt a lot like Madonna ;)

Old bracelets that remind me of how we use to make phone calls..

And in a small tattered box, odd and favourite earrings from my childhood

When I'm done I gently put everything back in the box and stowe it away in the back of my wardrobe. Til next time :)

lördag 28 augusti 2010

Owl 'ave you been?

Long time no see, but now this horrible summer is over, fall is here and I can breathe easy again. (The summer's only been horrible due to some private pains and sorrows)

Made ATC's and a skinny with owls, loved it. I do think the owl with the sunglasses has got quite a John Lennon-esque feel to it ;)

The pink owl still lives with me but the other two have flow the nest to some good and loving homes :)