lördag 20 augusti 2011

Things sent, received and rated..

Bookthong in a matchbox swap, did two strands on the bookthong

For the wonderful, brilliant and fun swap "Awful, terrible and crappy ATC's", sticker slappning, cheesy quotes and a horrible flower combo. 1 of 3 ATC's sent to the same swapper

ATC 2 of 3, Victoria Beckham on some horrible flimsy fabric, Lumpy glue and smeared glitter, staples, gold writing and some stickers to enhance the party theme..
It's easy to seize the day when you have a monkey and a flute. Oversized ribbon, horrible 3D-liner, left hand writing and a ripped effect. ATC 3 out of 3

Thankfully the receiver loved this awfulness :)

For a Tree ATC swap, made with watercolours and the word for tree in kanji

Blue skinny swap, watercolours. I love sending my mantra, it's always well received and appreciated. I guess more people than me need a reminder to stop and breathe and see whats around you..

ATC's sent as RAKs, watercolour

ATC's, watercolours. Sent as RAK's

Doodle ATC swap, can it get much doodlier? ;)
A WTA ATC, the winner loves rainbows and cupcakes and the WTA was in a handdrawn group

Bird inchies, I really need to start putting the cards straight in the scanner

Made with markers ATC's, a pear and a short love story. Because why not? :)
Origami ATC's, tried to keep them clean and naked. Not quite sure that they have a lot of penguins in Japan but the lady I sent to like penguins.

Pink, brown and black and/or white ATC's. I do prefer to handdraw my ATC's, not skilled enough to do James Dean as handsome so he's a cut out.    

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Kymberly sa...

Dear BatMama,

I hope you remember me--I promised you that beautiful Charlotte's Web shawl this time last year! I have been so worried that you might be very angry with me and so I want to apologize to you for not contacting you until now!

I finally got your address but lost it and then my husband moved to England to work and I am now 24/7 with my four kids and Murphy's Law! Anything that could happen has since he has been working in England!! So I have not had anytime to devote to my blogs or much of anything else but more involved in my children's life which is always a great thing but my correspondance with others has been poor!

You cross my mind all of the time and I feel so bad that I didn't get to send your free gift to you so if you will do me a huge favor and e-mail your address to me please, one more time and I promise I will get it in the mail to you! It has been boxed up and ready to go so I just need your address to mail it out!

Again, I apologoze to you for allowing this much time to go by without getting your shawl to you. I know you were so anxious to get it and was so excited that you won. Please forgive me!

Thank you
Kym Decker

P.S. Leaving 2 e-mail addresses so I'll be sure to get your address one way or another!

e-mail addresses: