måndag 15 februari 2010

Can´t remember when..

A bouquet of tulips
A candle-lit dinner for two with a glass of wine
Greys Anatomy
A lazy morning
Floor space that´s totally free from lego for 24 hours
Chocolate cake (without guilt)
Sound of someones heartbeat (as in someone special)
Singing birds of spring
More energy
Laughing my head off at Eddie Izzard
Pic nic in the woods
Streets free from ice
A long hot un-interrupted bubble bath

Just a few little things that would brighten my day right now..

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www.nelliebugs.com sa...

Mmm, chocolate cake. :)

I am nelliebugsdotcom from swap-bot -- following your blog, and I also linked you on my blog if you'd like to check it out: http://nelliebugs-swaps.blogspot.com

Lesley Christopher sa...

I am christopherpines from swap-bot, and am following you now :o) When you find some guilt free chocolate cake, I would love to know! I have two little girls and I know many days I could use it!

Tara... sa...

the sound of a heartbeat when its someone you love is so calming - my man works abroad and when hes home, its the most contented feeling just to listen to that. :)
anyway i can't wait to keep up with your posting :)
Sewgorgeous here from swap-bot. Following you too!! (Be my Blog Follower on Blogger 2)

Cherylann sa...

I am cmarois from swap-bot & I am following your blog for Be my blog follower on BLOGGER 2

Patty Davidson (Just Letter Rip) sa...


I'm stardust4821 from Swap-bot. I signed up to follow your blog as (justletterrip)

I really like your blog.

Mine is http://justletterrip.blogspot.com

Mary J. sa...

I'd love that candlelit dinner with wine! Living with my MIL, can't really have wine these days...