måndag 1 november 2010

Like mother like son

I am a huge fan of Eddie Izzard, that man always make me laugh. Best depression remedy ever *s*

Now my oldest son has discovered him aswell, lego-style. This is his favourite and he knows it, using the voices and all :) he does actually go "beep" instead of swearing which is good..

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Kymberly Decker sa...

Dear Sweet Lady,
This is Kym from over at Free Trinkets and Treasures and I can't wait to tell you that...YOU WON!! YIPPEEE!!! That"s right!!! You're not dreaming...YOU REALLY WON the 100th post giveaway and the Charlotte's Web shawl!!! Yeah!!!!!

I am so glad you won!! I am just tickled to death to send this lace shawl to you because I know you really wanted to win it and---YOU DID!!!
Now, if you will send me your home address, I will mail your lovely Charlotte out to you as fast as I can!! I can't wait for you to get it---please---send me a few pictures of you with it on--just for sentimental reasons!

Also--send your e-mail address to me and I will send the digital collage I made for you too!

I just finished the post and now am off to bed!

I am so thankful for your friendship and so glad your path crossed mine!!
Big hugs, Kym

Batmamma sa...

Thank you so much :)

I am over the moon right now, of course there will be pictures

Big hugs Catarina