fredag 31 juli 2009

Always time for tea

I love tea. I drink alot of tea, not so much in the summer as when it´s cold or chilly outside and the nights are dark, but a cup of tea is never wrong in my humble opinion.

I also like to take part in tea swaps on Swap-bot, it´s so great to get to try different teas from all over the world. But I do think I need a bigger tin for my teas, this one is not just shiny and reflectnig my oilcloth on kitchen table, but also full to the brim.
This my friends is swap-tea, received from many places in the world. And yes, I have used up quite a few bags aswell :D

Think it´s time to put the kettle on..

2 kommentarer:

Whitney sa...

Oh, I love tea as well! It looks like you've got a perfect stash! :)

Batmamma sa...

Thanks :)