fredag 31 juli 2009

Patiently waiting..

Early August is when intelligent and experienced postmen (and postwomen) take their holiday.

Why I hear you say, well let me tell you, early August is when the new IKEA catalogue comes out and all the mail-carrying poor souls have to deliver them to every houshold.
Not only is it heavy and backbreaking, but a lot of people, like myself, eagerly awaits that delivery and lurk just behind the door when they hear tired postal workers footsteps, ready to snatch the loveliness as soon as it peeps through the letterbox.

Common curtesy then is of course to open the door and blame the non-existent dog for post-delivery-persons sore and bleeding fingers due to mentioned snatching.
Or one can just tip toe away from the door and pretend not being at home.

Unfortunatly the delivery of the flat pack bible doesn´t happen on the same day in the whole country, oh no cause that would just be fair, so there is also a certain prestige to be the first blogger to write "I´VE GOT THE BRAND NEW IKEA-CATALOUGE TODAY" as a headline, and for the rest of us to pretend that we couldn´t care less..

But we are crying inside.

As August starts tomorrow I just thought I´d share that little bit of swedish tradition with you. Cause I´m kind like that ;D

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Bloggette sa...

I don't covet IKEA catalogues, although I totally understand why you do, but this post really made me laugh. I imagine it's the same way I feel when McSweeney's Quarterly is delivered :)

krstawrdtravels @ Swap-Bot

Emma the Eco-Princess! sa...

lol this post is funny. I just spent Saturday in my local IKEA, I love it! What does IKEA mean in English? Does it have a translation?

Batmamma sa...

Will have to google McSweeneys Quarterly :)

IKEA is made up of founders initials, Ingvar Kamprad and the first letter of the farm he grow up on, Elmtaryd, that was situated in the village of Agunnaryd :)

Whitney sa...

Oh, what it would be like to be Swedish! :) I lust after IKEA!

Ruth sa...

I love shopping at IKEA.