fredag 8 januari 2010

My swedish title didn´t work in english..

I spend quite a few hours a day infront of the computer, surfing, reading blogs and facebook but also in relation to my school work, all this leaves my hands cold, stiff and aching. So the other night i dug out som yarn and a crochet needle and set to work and voilá..

Nice and cosy.
And also a bit itchy since the red is wool..

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BeckyKay sa...

I need to do this, too. I'm a beginning crocheter, but I think I could manage a pair of these.

Batmamma sa...

You can, very simple I just improvised and tried them on as I went to see when to stop basically :D

pandagirl37 sa...
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pandagirl37 sa...

I'm one of your partners on the swapbot follow my blog.

I look forward to following your blog. My grandparent's were from Northern Sweden. I visited there in the summer of 2006. The country is so beautiful'


TrinaCouncil sa...

Hi! I'm one of your partners on swapbot. Lovely blog!


Terica sa...

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I have signed up to follow your blog.
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You have a very nice blog I will look forward to visiting!
loved the arm warmer !

Danielle A. sa...

I got a pair of these in a craft swap a few years ago and I use them at work all the time... only mine are pink & fuzzy. Thanks for sharing! (Be my Blog follower swap on swap-bot - dmathanas)

xXSweetToothXx sa...

Hi there! This is SheriFaerie from over at Swap-Bot, and I am happy to be your new follower here as well!

LOVE the crocheted gloves!! How cute are they!:cD I spend so much of my time online as well (Facebook addicted here, too! lol), and right now I must admit my hands are a wee bit cold as well!! How much for you to make me a pair of those? hehe xoxoxox.

PS Can I add you on FB as well?