söndag 3 januari 2010

Shuffling the stuff around

When I cleand out christmas I took the opportunity to re-arrange the furniture in our livingroom. Not that I need any excuses, our furniture gets shuffled about quite a few times in a year.. I like a change.

This used to be where I had the computer, now it´s quite cosy.

This is where telly used to be and while sat down I noticed a draft from under the window, have to call landlord to get it fixed.

Pets corner, our little lizzards seem quite happy here, especially the male one he´s been rushing around like a maniac today. In a happy way.
A happy maniac.

Left some angels because I love angels and they don´t just surround us at christmas :-)

These where a christmas present from my boys..

This is part of a set of four that I bought in England in -96..

Guess we´ll just have to wait and see how long this arrangement will last for ;-)

Please don´t take note of the mess it´s normally tidier

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