tisdag 4 augusti 2009

Awake awake creative spirit!!

There is nothing like a nice swap in the letterbox to get the creativity back on track. Today I received from ManitoulinGirl in Canada this lovely lovely tea wallet complete with teabags. I fell totally in love straight away. Unfortunately you´re gonna have to tilt your head cause I have no idea how to turn the next two pics, but see it as part of your exercise, important when sat in front of computer for lenght of time.

And pardon my Bridget Jones-esque writing..

..the outside *lovelovelove*

I got so inspired that I made two tea wallets myself, out of scrap fabric as usual. Heres the outside..

..and on the inside..

And also some bookmarks not quite finished at the bottom yet :)

All in all a productive few hours :)

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