torsdag 13 augusti 2009

Morning at the museum

Me and the boys had a morning out yesterday, Charlie wanted to go to the museum and Marcus to the indoor sports arena, so of we trotted..
We had a very nice time, sun was out and there is a festival going on right now, but mainly in the later hours of the day.
There are a lot (seriously, a LOT!!) of fountains and statues in my hometown, very nice ones, this is one of my favourites, its just outside the main library.

Charlie driving a proper digger. But the wheels are gone and you can really only use the lifting arm to move some rocks about. But the kids (of all ages) are happy anyway

Loads of old machines as I live in an industrial town, used to be big on steel.

A Saddletank engine, just like Percy in Thomas and Friends, I have no idea who the woman in pic is lol

My Charlie in front of a "locomobile", guess it´s a cross between a locomotive and a car..

All in all a nice day.

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