torsdag 6 augusti 2009

Punky Peaches..

Made my very first dotee doll last night, quite fun actually. Also noticed a few things that I will do different when I make my next one.

She´s quite like me with her blue eyes, red lips and freckles actually, gosh I´m such a narcissist ;)

I dont however have rainbow coloured hair, mine´s boring brown..

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musingsofthechocolatedeprived sa...

First of all, I really did enjoy reading your past entries. I fell in love with the brads there! Shame that they don't sell those kinds of lovely things here. Hmf. And you sew beautifully! I love the purses and book covers you made. I didn't knew you love tea as well. We can swap some tea in the future! Do you like herbal tea? We have different loads of it here. ;D - Meian

Batmamma sa...

Thanks :)
I like sewing and I´m slowly getting better at it ;D drink most kinds of tea, herbal aswell and would love a tea swap :) sa...

Cute dotee!!

I found you on the swap-bot blog swap. I am nelliebugsdotcom and I'm now following you! If you'd like to be pals on any other network (Twitter, FB, Myspace), just let me know!