söndag 17 oktober 2010

I heart your blog - estrones

I signed up for a swap om Swap-bot called I heart your blog, there´s suppose to be an actual heart there but blogger won't let me.
First stop is estrones blog a lady in Wales who has just joined the WI. I couldn't find a button on her side so will just leave that for now.

During my years in England WI always stood for blue-haired ladies making chutneys, jam and were fiercly competitive in pie baking contests at lokal markets :) Can't wait to hear estrones drama unfold, she's a good writer so I don't think I will be disappointed ;)

Nice and easy going blog.

2 kommentarer:

Eunice sa...

Thank you for the lovely post! You don't need a blog button by the way, so long as you put a link to my blog in your blogroll. That does just as well!

Batmamma sa...

Ok, done :)