fredag 15 oktober 2010

Some swaps

That I actually remembered to get the camera out for..

P is for Poirot, in the series of alphabet ATCs

  Skinnys being made, the daisy is being shown in a post further down, did it for the "Butterfly skinny" swap. The thistle was made for a "Letter T skinny" swap.

This is an ATC i made at the same time, this went to Portland where there was a big ATC-event in August. I sent 5 ATCs and this one went as a "hostess card". Features one of my favourite flowers the Linnaea borealis (latin name)

 "J is for Johnny Depp" in another alphabet swap and as my swap partner who received it said "J should always be for Johhny Depp". I couln't agree more ;)

 These two went to separate homes in one of the senders choice swaps in an ATC group. I really like playing around with water colour pencils

 "U is for umbrella" sent in the "U skinny" swap

 "A is for Art Deco", sent in an alphabet ATC swap. My youngest son calls it volley ball flowers ;)

 "V is for vampire" featuring our own Alexander Skarsgård who's a blood sucker in True Blood. for a "V skinny" swap

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