fredag 15 oktober 2010

Well, I can't knit to save my life

That's why I entered this giveaway, look at that price! I just fell in love and up here in cold old Sweden that is exactly what I need :)

She has got a brilliant site with loads of goodies and inspiration :)

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Kymberly sa...

Thanks so much for the awesome compliments about my blog site and the wonderful post about my
100th Post Giveaway!! Wow! You made my day!! I would love for you to win this shawl! I will
e-mail you with the info for the button to place on your sidebar--that will give you one more chance to win!!
Have a great weekend!

Kymberly sa...

O.K. It's Kym again!! Go to my post and copy the HTML code under my button
Go into Blogger-Add A Gadget and click on the HTML/Java Script Button and when the screen comes up just paste my html code into the box!!

Now you'll have one more chance to win!!

Good Luck Sweetie!!

HayleyK sa...

HayleyK from SwapBot I Love Your Blog Swap. I am following your blog now, have added you to my blogroll, and here is my post about your blog: