söndag 18 april 2010

It's getting to be a habit this

Sunday is apparantely "horse day" in our family, today we went to the other riding school here in town and the boys had a go at horseback riding for the first time. And since they are my boys they fell in love with it.

Just the "minor detail" that's called money then..

Marcus on Capri..

Charlie on Nilla..

We had a lovely time :-)

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Coleen sa...

Hi Catarina again. Fun to see your boys and their ponies. I rode ponies when I was a kid until I graduated to horses. I was a horse-crazy kid.Nice blog.
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Vivian sa...

I wish I was able to horse ride. It's an expensive hobby here in Los Angeles!

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Luvystacy sa...

WOW...seem so fun...i wish i was able to go horse riding..i would so love it...Thanks for sharing! :D

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Heather sa...

I want to take my kids horse back riding too. Money is an issue.... and so is the potential for severe allergies.

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Robotgranny sa...

i never rode on a horse before. *jealous.

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Ellen sa...

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Kimminita sa...

Yeah another non-American blogger to follow!

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sarala sa...

Here from Swap-Bot (Swap-Bot, I Want More Blog Followers--I'm skron11).
I have two sons too--they are 18 and 12. The oldest just went off to college and we miss him a lot. Enjoy your two while you still have them at home!

heather sa...

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better than naked sa...

i rode a horse for the first time a few years ago and it was a memorable experience indeed! glad your boys had a great first time. swap-bot, betterthannaked

The Stitch Sleuth sa...

Cute boys! My two boys are teens now but we have had many good times like you are having with your boys now. I'm visiting from swap bot. Check me out the stitch sleuth

Boneneedle Arts and Crafts sa...

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Bella sa...

Wonderful way to spend a Sunday!
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Queenie Jeannie sa...

My youngest daughter LOVES horses and has ridden a couple of times. I understand about the *money* issue, lol!

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Kate and Oli sa...

looks like lots of fun!! :) i'm following you back now, can't wait to read more!

xo, katie

Agnetha sa...

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