torsdag 22 april 2010

swap-bot followers..

Hello and welcome :)

Nice to see you here, I will check my followers and your comments to rate you, just a bit short of time tonight, will have time tomorrow, please be patient ;)

5 kommentarer:

Peacefully*Chaotic sa...

Hi My name is carly and I am one of your new followers from swap-bot .I know how busy life is with kids.i have 3 of my own!so no when you can!I do!=)

sweetdaisydreams sa...

hi Im glendas and I am happy to be following your blog.,love from glenda

Katy Sauer sa...

Hey, I can relate to life being busy, I am just getting around to doing this myself. This is K8ty from Swap-Bot for the I Want More Blogger Followers swap.

Sparrow sa...

Hello - I am one of your swap-bot followers - SallySparrow

Crafty~Mama sa...

Its such a small world - I have a good friend in Eskilstuna!!! Now I'm a follower :)

Alfie (iLoveMail on Swap-bot)