lördag 10 april 2010

Play til you drop..

Yesterday me and the most fab sons in the universe travelled on trains and buses for a day out that icluded the largest playland in Europe and a visit to Burger King. We don't have a BK in our hometown (yet) so that alone was an adventure.

Charlie the pirate shooter..

The pirate ship

Marcus before he got shot in the eye..

Volcanic slide, Charlie ready to go..

Big blow up dinosaur slide. Can give friction burns.

Best sons in the whole wide endless universe :)

2 kommentarer:

Bipolar Rollercoaster sa...

WOW, that looks like the funnest place on the planet! I am certain your boys had a blast! What a neat place!

GoingTwinsane from Swap-bot

Batmamma sa...

It's a great place :-)