söndag 25 april 2010

Think we need to change our routines

Another Sunday with horses, can't help it, we love them and they are within walking distance.

Brought my camera that I'm still learning how to use and took a few photos..

"Blåsippa" Hepatica Nobilis
You're not allowed to pick these, not many left here in Scandinavia

"Vitsippa" Anemone Nemorosa
These however you can pick, they are usually white but I liked this pink one :)

Downhill skiers finally had to put their gear away, not much snow left. Thankfully.

3 kommentarer:

sarala sa...

The hepatica are just lovely!

Heather sa...

What happens if you pick the "Blåsippa" Hepatica Nobilis? They are beautiful.

Batmamma sa...

Sarala: I know so imagine the nice blue "carpet" where there are loads of them :)

Heather: I think you can get fined if you dig them up with the roots and everything, if were to pick I would get a serious telling off from my boys :D
I taught them well ;)